The Questions Keep Coming!

I was a little taken aback by the number of comments, emails and messages I woke up to this morning. I had to chuckle at the sheer amount that said pretty much the same thing, "Duh, we knew!" or "About time too!"

Now, technically, I've been seeing Kellie for a few weeks now - but it's been just that. I've been going to hers, meeting for drinks or lunch, or she's been visiting here but that's all. We've both been fending off questions and comments from friends and family that have shown an interest from the outset. It wasn't till the weekend that we both realised something along the lines of "You know what, I think they're right"

The other bulk of questions were the questions; who, where, when, how... Well, Kellie isn't a random person I met at a random place. In fact, we go a loooong way back - she was literally the girl next door. When Mum and John moved into our house at Blackmores when we were kids, the next door neighbours were Kellie and her family. Even more technically, but not going into detail, me and Kellie were "seeing" one another in our late teens.

But now we're adults, have had our own lives and everything else. She is several months younger than me, has two kids aged 10 and 6, and lives a few miles from here. We've shared and compared lives, and pretty much discussed the missing 15-or-so-years. I had left Blackmores to live with Jo, she left Blackmores for her life, and then out of nowhere earlier this year, she added me as a friend on Facebook.

As for a picture, well, in time ;) Don't want to plaster her pics all over 0ddness without her say-so. See, look at that - ME showing restraint!

For those worrying, please don't. I've had lots of stuff running around in my head, have worried about people thinking I'm on a rebound (I'm not!), that I am going in with blinkers on (I'm not!), or that I'm wearing rose tinted glasses (I'm not!)... I've never been one to rush in anyway, I'm not the rebounding-kinda-guy, and I am aware that while I have a lot of baggage, that's just who I am, and Kellie knows that.

I've even spoken to Jo about it, and she's chuffed for me too - has also been asking all the questions, but still ;) We were chatting on the phone this morning, and pointed out how much happier I am, especially over the last couple of months. She is happy for me too which, strangely, makes me feel good that she's happy for me. I am certain all this has been a helpful factor in getting off the meds too - my mind is in a good place, and aside from the occasional emotional burp, I'm doing good. Even the shitty weather hasn't put me off or anything!

For those of you that already knew (which, to be fair, is pretty much everyone!) congrats. You could have a gold star if I had any left, but I've been too busy handing them out to people that have spelling issues ;) Some of you can put "Super Sleuth" on your CV/Resumé if you want to.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a lunch date with someone special...

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6 Responses to “The Questions Keep Coming!”

debbie said...

not going in to detail here but a Charlies God Father has done pretty much the same as you after his girlfriend of several years left him for OZ he did follow her for a year but it not worked out, he his now with his teenage sweetheart,, and happily married and a baby,, I am far from saying you will have more kids but I have a feeling you both will be very happy,, congrates to you both..

Posh Totty said...

As I have told you countless number of times now .... you do not need to explain yourselves to anyone, its no ones business but your own.

If you both feel its right and you are happy, thats all that matters.

and feel free to spell check the above ;o)

Em's way said...

Tell the nosey sods to butt out ;) seriously guess its cos they care really, but its your business.....

Now I want all the details please :D Rofl

Kellie said...

Hey baby,

Am I allowed to add to the "I knew it" comments... even if it took me a little longer to 'KNOW IT' than everyone

And I would add to the congrats, but I figured Thank You is far more fitting from me.... MWAH..

Kellie xxxx

P.S. I dare you to spell check mine...!!

Anonymous said...

Who knew that your love life would be of so much interest to so many!! ;-)

Go you and Kellie!!


debbie said...

you two enjoy every minute of your new found happiness,, I think its fab, that goes to Jo and Steve too,,
I just hate people being sad and unhappy..