Too Much Good?

My life tends to have a theme. It's not a very complex theme, but, none the less, it's there, and it's so bloody obvious to anyone that knows me. When ever something good happens in my life, something arsey appears elsewhere.

Now, some people will say it's Karma, Causality, Cause & Effect - whatever, but I am fairly sure that the sheer volume of Bad that I've had, I should be entitled to a relatively long period of Good.

This weekend was fantabulous. Me, Kellie, no plans aside from "spend the weekend together" Jaysen and Tam were, as usual, with Jo for the weekend, while Kellies were either with parents, grandparents, out with friends or "around". Friday afternoon we sat together chatting, before having a long walk along the beach. Saturday we got up late, then went into town and had a wander, and Sunday, we got up even later - like, Lunch Time! - then spent the afternoon together before I had to go home.

So, lots and lots of good.

I get home to a little pile of mail that Cel (who was house sitting the cats again because she's so damn great) had stacked on the side for me. Now, a couple of bills I knew were coming, that's all good. Bills, while I don't like, I expect and understand.

However, because I don't work, I usually get my rent and council tax paid for me. Last week, I received a very friendly reminder *cough* that I hadn't paid my rent.

Since November.

So a flurry of calls, and they send someone around to sort it out with my paperwork. Now, the backdate-to-November is still being looked at, but my current claim has really pissed me off. Now according to the government, because of my back, my depression, my "pyschological" issues and what-not, I am on Long-Term Incapacity Benefit. Basically, I'm not sick enough to count as "disabled" but too sick to be "looking for work". As well as this, I get about £60 extra a week for having a wee sproglet "in my custody"

But NOW, because I got an increase in my Incapacity Benefit, I am making "too much money" and my surplus income - a whole £27 a week - doesn't allow me to gain full housing/tax benefit. So I have to find £30 a week for my rent, and an extra £65 a month to pay my tax.

In short, the government, the council - who ever - have said, "Awww poor Mr English, here, have some money" and then with the other hand said "Oh you skiving bastard, gimmie" and are taking the money they gave me PLUS a little more for their trouble.

Just when I thought I was actually getting somewhere, clawing my way onward and upward out of this dark little hole, someone has to come along with their dirty great boot and stomp on my fingers. Some days, I just want to chuck the towel in and say "that's enough, you win" because it sure as hell feels that's what someone, somewhere, wants me to do.

Up yours, whoever is trying to bring me down. I'm not happy, but I'll survive. Again.

Normal service to resume... At some point.

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3 Responses to “Too Much Good?”

Posh Totty said...

Will ring you in a bit, there is way out of that, something which most benefit departments try to keep quiet ;o) but fear now, I can help you on this one Xx

Anonymous said...

Poor you! Sounds typical of most government departments.

Hope you get things sorted and don't let the bastards get you down!

Oh and yay for Posh, gotta love someone in the know.


debbie said...

yay for posh too, hope she can help its so damn unfair when you get just a little too much.. arses the lot of them,, they overpaid me CTC now taking back for the rest of the year, to no doubt give it all back again next year