Another Pain

The last few days I've had a sore mouth which, last night, came to a head in the form of a toothache.

The previous pain are still there, sore gums mostly, but I've been using warm salty water to help them out. However this toothache is one I get every now and then for no real reason - it just seems to arrive, annoy me for a few days, then bugger off again. Bottom-Back-Right, prolly a wisdom tooth I think.

Now, those of you with a little Common Sense would say "Call your dentist" but the sad part is, I don't have a dentist. Not because I can't find one, afford one, or anything else - I just don't have one. The last time I need dentist work done was when I was 17 or so... A frozen chocolate bar, none the less. One shattered tooth later, I never went back ;)

Luckily, where I've spent so long dealing with various aches and pains, this is another I just grin and bare. Kellie didn't realise I was hurting till I told her earlier! How's that for manly ;)

So, for the next day or two, if I am grumpy and grouchy, you'll know why... Well, aside from the fact I'm me of course.

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2 Responses to “Another Pain”

The Random One said...

Argh you nasty Brit, you, not having a dentist and all that...

We'll put you on that show "Britain's Worst Teeth"! ;D

debbie said...

Look UP NHS Dentist's in your area.. thats how I got mine,, Wisdom Teeth are horried when there moving, but just in case get yourself checked over,,