Today I will be trying to find a dentist. I can't think of anything but my mouth. I can't feel anything but my mouth. I just want to have my head removed and put in the bin.

I've never had toothache. I don't like it.

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4 Responses to “Hmpf”

Anonymous said...

Not a big fan of the dentist either and only go when I have no other choice... I too was scarred by a nasty dentist as a child.

Good luck sweet, hope you get it all sorted.

Big hugs

Anonymous said...

I would rather give birth than suffer toothache from a wisdom tooth. I nearly topped myself with painkillers, not that I wanted to kill myself, but I just needed some relief from the pain, it was relentless. I hope you get it sorted soon Dan, I ended up going to a special dental phobic centre and having all my wisdom teeth taken out under sedation AND on the NHS

debbie said...

Good luck Dan,,

I hate Dentists with a passion,, but get regisiterd and seen, maybe your hospital has a community dentist for emergancy until you find a dentist,, our does..

Laney said...

If it comes with a headache it's your wisdom teeth, get them all whipped out, best thing I ever did. Smile Dental Centre in Whitmore Way are fab, I know people who drive form Billericay and Wickford just to go there.