The Never-Ending Template

As you may have guessed - by the fact there is slightly less chaos here - I have once again finished completely fucking my template fiddling with my layout.

As is usual for me, I'm still not completely sure if I like this or not, so I am going to leave it, see if it grows on me, or if it grows on me like a dirty dirty fungus.

A couple of hours back when it really hit the fan - and my backup copy of the previous version didn't work - I was ready to start head-butting the keyboard. I was sooo pissed, it wasn't even funny.

That's pissed angry, not pissed *hic*

Lucky for me, it was at that moment that Kellie decided to send me an email, and all was right again in the world. I sucked it up (the Graaaah'ness, not the email) and started again. Well, again-again-again. And finally, I win.

You maybe have noticed earlier there were ads on here. Rest assured, I have NOT sold out, and never will. The ads were part of a template I was trying to use, and were hastily deleted as soon as the template went up. If you saw a tower ad, a square, a banner or anything else, I am sorry - it wasn't me :)

So now, considering I wanted an early night, I am going to sort my crap out and hit the sack.

As usual, if you find anything wrong with the new template, let me know. If you have anything you'd like to say - and be harsh if you wanna - then go for it.

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One Response to “The Never-Ending Template”

Anonymous said...

It may grow on me but initally i don't like it, and oddly its because the main section is too wide so i have to read right across my page & even move my eyes rather than the normal flick read hehehee

have a fantastic weekend my dearie xxx