How To Alienate My American Readers

First off, to everyone from America, and those that know today is more than a movie with Tom Cruise and a movie with Will Smith, happy Independance Day.

However... On that note, I will now be ranting.

Today, Jaysens school celebrated Independance Day.  I'm not sure how or what they did, but the kids all wore Red, White and Blue, there was an "american" themed dinner, and apparently there were various activities.

Which, in and by itself, not too much of an issue.  HOWEVER.

Why the flying fornication are our schools celebrating an American Holiday that technically, we Brits should be pissed about.  WHY WHY WHY did the kids have to wear "American" colours.  Incidently, those colours are not only the Union Jack colours, but more amusingly, the French Flag colours...

But I digress.  The party shop in town has Fancy Dress and various themed stuff for Independence Day.  Asda has a small firework selection available.  The schools are doing stuff and learning stuff about it...

Now, my gripe isn't so much the fact we are trying to celebrate a holiday over here, it's one simple factor.

We don't celebrate Saint Georges Day.  At all.  In any way, shape or form.

I am going to be writing the school a really pissy letter.  Last year, Jaysens class studied Hindu Gods on St. Georges Day.  This year was random normal lessons.  4th July rolls around, and it's Dressing Up, Themed Meals and all the rest of it.

Surely that's akin to Germany celebrating the anniversary of their defeat in WW2.  How the hell can we celebrate a pointless holiday (to us, of course, I'm not American Bashing) over here, when St Georges Day is completely ignored.  Ignored, no less, to avoid upsetting the poxy bloody immigrants and similar "We Don't Like This Country" asshats.


I swear, each and every day, this country loses a little part of itself, and slips further into a random amalgamation of every other bloody country.  I wonder how long till someone at the Government sits and goes through this list and announces the various celebrations we'll be making for each one...


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3 Responses to “How To Alienate My American Readers”

Anonymous said...

You had to go and get me started on this didn't you!?

OK. Firstly, let's make sure that any Americans listening know, for certain, that without the help of the French they would never have won the independance that they now celebrate. I'm British, so my natural enemies are the French, but when Americans are so quick to attack the very nation that played a major part in their own freedom just because of a difference of opinion regarding the invasion of another nation, in which France actually turned out to be somewhat more balanced, then I think that the Americans owe the French an appology. (Pause for breath...)

Secondly, damn. That last sentence was so long, I've forgotten what issue number two was.

But, yeah. I agree. Just because I live in Holland doesn't mean that everyone back home should stop being as British as possible.

Unless, of course, being an expat disqualifies me making comments on that subject. Again, damn.

debbie said...

Charlies been off today due to teacher training, Hope Jaysen had a good day though

debbie said...

As for school celebrating Independance day, I am not too sure if you have an argument if its a non church school.. wierd I know,, Our lower school tries different cultre foods but not celebrate different religions nor indepence day,,