Wetting the bed at 5am is tiring for a wee girl.
Wee girl... Geddit?

Jo has started trying to get her out of night time pants, and last night she was apparently dry.  So I put some sacks under her sheets, put her in bed and... Sploosh.  At 2am.  So in response to her crying, I went up, changed her sheets, reapplied sacks under the sheets and put her back to sleep.

Repeat at 5am when I decided I couldn't be bothered to re-re-make her bed, so I stripped her bed, put the bedding on to wash, put her in some night time pants, and put her into my bed.  Of course, that made getting up fun this morning.  She finally got up - after I dragged her - at 0815.

Which is all fine and dandy, except we usually leave at about 0820.  Marvellous start to the week.  Thank f**k tomorrow is Jaysens last day of school!

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2 Responses to “Bless”

Anonymous said...

Ah! Love the picture.

There's never a right time for staying dry at night - they grow out of it when they're ready, usually when their bladder has stretched a bit more. I used to ask my son to hold on a bit when he needed to go.

I'm so glad all that's behind me now that mine is a teenager - although that's a whole new bag of bananas! Yeeach!

Sage said...

Love the sleeper.. she is beautiful and so angelic in that pose with you holding her hand (at least that's what I thought).. one for the family album.