Local Life

It can be said that the local life here in Basildon can leave a little to be desired for some people.  The local "Entertainment Complex" affectionatly known as Bas-Vegas (see that cunning play on words there...) isn't for everyone.  There are clubs, bars, a few resturants, a cinema, bowling alley...

So if you're a quiet home-body, it's not that appealing.  So what do you do?  Well, you could browse the internet, but then, not everyone has the internet.  You could watch TV if you are REALLY stuck for something to do.

Or, like a local person here, you could put an advert into a window.  A local post office window.  And to be fair, don't beat around the bush.  Now, personally (not that I would) I would have put such an advert into the local "dating" paper classifieds.

Of course, me being me, I read this advert - in the window of the local post office, frequented by single mums, asshats like me, and the Old Biddy Brigade - and I had to laugh.  And chuckle.  And cringe at the rammifications.

Now, I was going to go through this letter one line at a time, but... Well, it doesn't need it really, does it...  It can be summed up with the following parts:
  • Up to 80yrs
  • Adult Fun
I'll let your minds run rampant at that...

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2 Responses to “Local Life”

Posh Totty said...

Wow!! you have aged 11 years since I saw you last :oP

The Sween! said...

if it has a pulse, what's the problem? lol

Reminds me of a joke - what's blue & fucks old grannies?

Me & my lucky blue overcoat!