Bored Now...

Monday I have my "whoops" moment.  Today, Thursday...  Well, not only is my ankle still f'king killing me, but the rest of me is now in constant pain.

I suspect this is something to do with going down the stairs.  While I usually have a decent pain threshold, I think smacking down made things a bit... Owie.

On top of this, having to lumber myself around on crutches is not helping matters.  Having to bear all my weight on either my right leg or my arms in the crutches is also taking its toll, and this morning I woke up really hurting.

I've taken some painkillers, but they're not really doing anything, so I'm not bothering.  I don't take meds if they don't touch stuff.

I think that having this Chronic Fatigue thing is the main issue, plus having the wobbly back.  In short, this week is really NOT my best week ever.  On top of this, thanks to hurting, I'm not sleeping well, so that's not helping matters either.  Tired and Hurting - Great start to the summer holidays.

I feel sorry for Kellie; she's looking after me, carrying food and drinks, seeing if I need anything...  She's scored a real keeper in me.

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5 Responses to “Bored Now...”

debbie said...

I think Kellie needs a medal looking after you Dan, Think I would have left you to your hobbling and moaning, but on the upside she obviously is blinkered by LOVE

Dan said...

heeeeey, I'm not moaning - I'm being very quiet and keeping to myself mostly :D

I can't comment on the love tho ;)

Posh Totty said...

Pssst Kellie .... put a snake into Dans lap, you will soon see how bad his leg / foot really is .... Mwahahaha!!!

Kellie said...

Snake idea has been noted... currently seeking anyone with a snake I can borrow for a couple of hours.. lol..

debbie said...

Think Dan has a friend with snakes wanting a new home,, and there big ones too..