Home Again

Once more, I have returned to the den of iniquity that is Chéz 0ddness.  Since Monday evening, I've been lounging around at Kellies while she ran around after me.  Thanks to those that suggested snakes to make me move...


Now, usually I would be moaning and pissing about how useless I felt and rubbish I felt for not being able to help.  And when I say "I was no help" that's not an exaggeration.  Five days after the original ouchie, it feels no better.  I've tried a little weight on it, but no dice.  I didn't cry though, so that's something ;)

So, I've managed to do NOTHING except be fed and watered and rest.  I peed twice each day because I couldn't face the stairs, so went first thing and last thing each day.  Yes, I have a cast-iron bladder.

And now, I am home again.  Cel is re-delivering the mutt in the next hour or two.  Jo is delivering the spawn around 6pm or so.  Thankfully I did my housework Sunday afternoon, so the house will be clean at least for a little while longer - till the Dog and Kids return, but it's the thought that counts.

Of course, it's not all roses.  I get in to a small mountain of mail, and discover one of the benefit agencies - my Incapacity Benefit no less - have decided that in the last year they've overpaid me.  Now, usually, they'd reduce the benefit by a little till it's recovered, but no no, not now.

They want £1850.  In full.  Now.  Mother F**ker A**hole W**kers.  Lucky for them, they are closed till Monday, so hopefully I'll be less angry when I call them.


But anyway, other than that, all is hunky-dorey in the land of me.  Aside from this bloody pain.  I'm giving it till Wednesday, and if it's no better, then I'll give them a call and... erm.. whine, probably ;)

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2 Responses to “Home Again”

Anonymous said...

Bastards! It's their mistake. If you have to repay it, offer no more than £1 per month.

Hope you feel better soon:)

Posh Totty said...

The very fact you are on benefits means you DO NOT have to re-pay it in full right away and they CAN NOT refuse to accept a managable installment each week from you ;o) .... call me if you need more details.

although dunno why I am offering you my help after you called me a bastard :oP