Musical Monday #51 & #52 - Cry For You & With Every Heartbeat

Clearly, the pain from my injury is making me indecisive.  I was going to do one of these two songs today, but couldn't decide on which one to do.  And, obviously, I decided to do both.

And hey, it also racks up the numbers a little bit.  I considered two different posts, but I only do that if I can be bothered!

Both these songs are dance-type music and as is the case with everything I post, not everyone will like them.  But meh ;) I love both these songs, after eventually working out who they were by. The first I had to get Ruth in on the case, the second was my trusty TrackID on my phone ;)

September - Cry For You

Kleerup Ft. Robyn - With Every Heartbeat

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One Response to “Musical Monday #51 & #52 - Cry For You & With Every Heartbeat”

Anonymous said...

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