Be Prepared!

Three years ago, I forgot.
Two years ago, I had ManFlu
One year ago, I was in Holland.

This is the year...  This year, I will be home for International Talk Like A Pirate Day!  And you better remember to.  Talk like a pirate, Blog like a pirate, and if the mood takes you, DRESS like a Pirate!

YAAAAR ya buggers!  Any questions, click that link, or this one - just in case!  I expect to see lots of Piratey-type stuff on September 19th.  Even if you are blogging your normal daily stuff, do it like a Pirate!


YAR HAR fiddle-de-dee indeed!

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5 Responses to “Be Prepared!”

Anonymous said...

Yaar! How delightfully odd, Oddness! My husband already farts like a pirate, does that count?

Thanks for the warning - already a-plotting as to what pirate-type things to do and blog on that day. Maybe borrow my friend's parrot.

The Random One said...

YES!!! I am SO IN.

Anonymous said...

<3 pirates

hehe oh i am back from holiday then hmmm if only i can be brave enough to don my pirate costume & go amuse myself scaring the fuck out of people

Anonymous said...

About time commented huh ... had to be the post about Pirates though.

As you wont allow html (don't blame you) here's a link :)

Anonymous said...