Wind From Sails - But Only Briefly

The last seven days have been a little bit, what some might class as "up and down" but for a change, there have been more Ups than there have Downs.

Between various agencies and departments trying to screw me out of money, I've had other stuff going on in the background that I won't go into because, at the end of the day, it's not worth going into. 

On the plus side of things, Kellie came over Friday for my old mums 700-and-something'th birthday, which was at Gemmas.  She only planned on staying Friday night, but she ended up leaving sometime during this afternoon - I'm not sure when, I didn't check my watch, but I was all huffy and sulky over it.

Mainly because, the bus arrived as soon as we got to the bus stop, so we didn't have a chance to canoodle while waiting.

Disgusting isn't it ;)

Today - before Kellie poodled back to the land that is her own - Jo called, and we had a chat on the phone.  Strangely, it's Steves best-friends-birthday this weekend, so she and he are off to celebrate.  Conversely, Kellies best friend Kerry is also having her birthday bash this weekend, and we're off for that as well.

Both to sea-side towns too no less... Curious...

Anyway, during our conversation, she told me she and Steve have set their wedding date - next May - and while I knew it was coming, it deflated me just a little, just for a short time.  I'm talking minutes here, moved on, got over with it.  Even though I knew it was coming, it was a little bit of a surprise for me, but we carried on talking about... erm... I don't know - whatever really.

She told me I was welcome to the wedding and the reception, but as I said to both Jo and Kellie, I don't think I'd fit in for that celebration to be honest.  The reception, not an issue really - me and her are still friends at the end of the day - but I don't think I could do the wedding.

Although... Stopping it at the most inappropriate time would be amusing......


BUT - I am happy to report, in a completely serious moment, I am fine and dandy with it all.  I can honestly wish them well, the best and all that stuff, and might even buy them a toaster or something.  

Still, my afternoon moved on, and I didn't actually think any more of it.  Saw Kellie off, and had a brainwave to end all brainwaves.

I decided I was going to surprise Mummy 0ddness with a visit - with me on my bike.  I'm happy to report, I didn't die.  Although the gears were about 50% missing, the back brake was what some might class as "non-existent" and it had a REALLY annoying squeak that drove me to the brink of insanity, I DIDN'T go to my mums.

Because, to put it bluntly, having not cycled for years a while I forgot my fat arse and razor-thin seats do not mix well.

I'm happy to report that surgery to remove the seat went well, though I do believe if I end up in jail, I have a good idea of what to expect now...  Not my best plan ever.  Not really. My legs are aching, my arse is aching, my back is aching. Kellie has mentioned that, being handy and dandy, she would sort it out for me, but me being me... Pah, patience... Who needs it!

In case you are wondering, yes the foot is better now - MUCH better in fact.  I got sick to the back teeth of the crutches by about Thursday, and Friday decided to grin and bear it - by Sunday I was pretty much walking like a trooper once again.  Thank F'k.  It's still a bit sore, and if I bump it it's a bit "owie" but otherwise, my stupidity is once again relegated to the annals of history.

Again. Them thar annals are getting a might bulky.

Anyways - all is hunky dory once again, till the next round of "Throw Shit At Dan" strikes.  A month of no shit would be nice.  A fortnight maybe?


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2 Responses to “Wind From Sails - But Only Briefly”

Anonymous said...

Your writing does make me smile Dan - and sometimes laugh out loud - inappropriately. Particularly enjoyed the bit about the bike seat.

Glad your foot is on the mend :-D

DriedPapercutsAndChickens said...

My brother was invited to my mom's wedding reception and told he could bring someone....It was a family joke for a long time that he would bring my dad and he could reenact Garth Brooks "friend in low places"