For Hire: Replacement Mother Nature

I've held back with this sort of post as much as I can, but you know, I've had MORE than enough.  For the last five and a half weeks, school has been closed for summer.  A time of fun, frolics, outings, playing, sun tans...


Now, I don't often moan about the weather - it does what it does, and that's that.  My gripe is usually with the people that I am becoming for the purpose of this post.  See, the weather since Jaysen finished school has been awful.  We've had a nice day here, a sunny day there, but for the most part, it's been grey...  Its been damp...  Windy.  CHILLY, even.

Trying to make any sort of plans over this holiday have been a mission, and saying something simple like "We'll go to the park and have a picnic tomorrow" is more worded more "depending on the weather..."  This weekend, we're supposed to be having a picnics with old friends and all our kids.  Weather report: Overcast with chance of showers.

F'king marvellous.

When we were away for the weekend in Great Yarmouth, the weather report had been awful, right up to the day we went, with storms and torrential rain forecast for the entire time.  Thankfully, it managed to hold out till Sunday lunchtime, so the weekend wasn't a wash out.

And you know what will happen next.  Jaysen goes back to school on Wednesday.  You can bet that Wed-Fri the weather will be glorious, then shit for the weekend, then before you know it, the papers will be raving about the Indian Summer, the "Hottest September on record" and everything else.

So, please, can someone else take on the mantle of Mother Nature.  You know, keep things ticking over, make sure Summer = Hot, Autumn = Blustry, Winter = Snowy (HA!  Remember a snowy winter - snow that lasts for more than 36 hours!) and Spring = Fresh.  Global Warming?


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