Hurrah Phone!

For the last week - maybe ten days - my phone has been relatively quiet.  Which, in the World of Dan, is a highly strange phenominon.  Usually during the day, I get umpteen text messages from various people, but the lack of texts was rather noticable to me.

I was getting a few but even that is strange for me.  After talking to a few people, I was asked why I wasn't texting.  Um...  I usually send out millions of texts and had been - as usual.

Turns out my texts weren't going anywhere, and texts sent to me weren't getting to me.  On top of this, people calling me were getting ringing, then voice mail - and that was it.  Me - my phone was sitting quietly on the side hiding his little secret...

The Sim Card had died somehow.  I called Orange, and they had a fiddle around, they umm'd and arr'd and told me it was the sim - and that I had "a massive backlog of messages waiting to be delivered"

I Boo-Hoo'd at him, told him I NEEDED my phone for various reasons, and he agreed to send it out Next Day courier service - which, to deliver on a Sunday, prolly cost them a few quids.  Prolly easier than working out no-service credits on my account.

The new sim arrived this morning before 9am, and is now in my phone - which I have had to put to silent AND turn off the vibrating alert.  157 texts so far.  12 missed call alerts.


I was using my other phone, but that only has limited amount of texts available, and I didn't want to run up a bill, so I only used that when I needed to.

But now, thankfully, my phone is back to working and all is good in the world.  Aside from the fact, you know... OWIE :'(

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2 Responses to “Hurrah Phone!”

Posh Totty said...

Hehe and for once that 158 texts wernt all me :oP infact I think I am responsible for only about 3 of them ... I must be slacking.

Anonymous said...

and this time they weren't all me sitting on my phone