The Joys of Showering

Yes, a blog post about showering.  Sue me ;)

However, I live for my shower.  I love to stand there and let the water just run.  It's relaxing, it makes aches and pains feel a little better for a short time, and de-stresses me.  I could spend all day in there - I occasionally get out and am all pruney like I've been in the bath for an hour.

Of course, playing Hop-Along-Hal has made showering, shall we say, A) uncomfortable, and B) painful.  While I can stand on one leg for a while, the safety aspect of balancing one-legged in a wet, soapy bath is scary enough to give even me pause.

I'd not had a shower in a couple of days for that very reason - I had a shower at Kellies, but I had to sit in the bath and go from there.  Awkward and a little painful.  But this morning I fell out of bed just after half seven and headed straight for the shower.  Sitting or not, I wanted that shower.

Not to mention, I was in so much need of a shave it wasn't even funny - my face was turning ginger, as my facial hair tends to do...

So, for an hour - yes, an hour - I had a kind of paddling-pool-come-shower.  My hair is washed and conditioned.  My face has been shaved twice (it was THAT thick!) and I just sorta... Sat.

Five minutes after getting out the bath/shower, there was a knock at the door, so I had to greet a courier in my towel.  "I didn't get you out of bed did I?" he asked.

I think I kinda paused and blinked.  Here I am, wet hair, big red bath towel, hobbling on crutches.  I nodded.  "Yeah, it's OK tho, I needed to get up anyway."

I wonder if he'll think about that later and pause and blink like I did.

As for the rest of the day, I fully intend to get dressed.  And later today, Gemma is coming to get the three of us and take her to her house where Stuart & Michelle will be.  Hurrah!  Clearly I have a busy, fully-packed schedule.  And that suits me down to the ground thank you very much!

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3 Responses to “The Joys of Showering”

Anonymous said...

Ginger?! hehehehe

Posh Totty said...

I think we need pics of your ginger chin stubble as proof :oP

Anonymous said...

I agree with the posh one!!