La Weekénd

To say I've had a busy weekend would be what some might call an understatement.  I had planned to keep a bit updated by text message/email, but never found a quiet moment or a peaceful five minutes.

The weekend actually started in motion last Tuesday when I was due to go to Kellies in preparation.  Plans changed and were altered at the last minute, so I had to take my very large bag, plus a bag of damp washing, across Basildon, with Sally to Jo's place so she could dog sit for me.

As it is, Sally is kinda sorta another kid, and Jo was missing her anyway, and much to the chargrin of her hugely ugly kitten, Sally stayed with her for a week.

Once the mutt was delivered, I had to lug my crap back to town for the bus, and then endue rush hour with every plank, numpty and utter moron heading in the same direction as me.  The journey usually takes me 30 minutes, maybe 40 on a busy day.  This trip took an hour.  An hour, surrounded by "people" that I wanted to eject from the bus.

As I stepped off the bus at Kellies end, the skies opened.  I don't mean "it started to rain" but more "I'm going to drown".  There was me in shorts, tee shirt and sunglasses, standing at the side of the road thinking about committing murder.

Once with Kellie, things brightened up, and we set to the ardous task of going through my clothes I had bought to decide which to take for the weekend.  I don't do "smart", so she had a hard task, but ended up helping out, then washing stuff and ironing it all.

And, I might add, when this girl irons, just don't get involved.  Me, I can iron - it was one of the first things mum taught me.  However, my ironing compared to her ironing was more like me comparing my rock-picking-up-skills to an Olympic weight lifter.

Still, it was amusing watch her iron nine or ten items in two and a half hours.

Tuesday evening we went to see Kerry (whose birthday it was Wednesday, and whose weekend away it was) and set to denting the national booze supplies.  We didn't get in too late, and there were no hangovers to report.  Wednesday we sort of just chilled out, and in the evening, Kerrys kids were delivered so we could sit on them while she was wined and dined by her family.

Thursday - once the sproglets were collected - we headed into town and grabbed a few last minute bits, then went to Kerrys (empty) house so I could have a look at her computer.  I won't moan about it here, but GAH!  I also won't mention how my moral support team nodded off in the armchair while I contemplated lobbing the stupid arse thing out the patio door.

Thursday evening we had to ourselves, with Kellies mum getting her wee one as we were heading out Friday morning.  An early-ish night, followed by an early-ish morning saw us finally on our way, collecting others as we went.  Soon, six of us were in the people carrier (dubbed the Fun Bus...), with another two in another car.

The journey was a bit rough, but I had taken the worlds supply of pain killers to start, plus a couple of stops - one for lunch, one for beer - helped out, and we arrived at the Bed & Breakfast at, erm.. some point that afternoon.  A brief dumping of luggage, and some birthday champagne saw us managing to find a pub a few feet from the hotel.  Result.

So we had a few drinkies and headed back to the hotel and got sorted for the evening.  Kellie looked amazing, all dressed up, hair, makeup and everything else, so I was very happy regardless of where we went.  Me, I probably looked like a lardy-boy trying to wear decent clothes, but still...

From the hotel we went to a place called The Long Bar which wasn't all the long - or busy.  The girls danced, the lads drank... Well, the girls drank as well, and did it very well too.  Not long after about ten that night, we decided the bar was a bit quiet and went for a wander and a mooch, looking for something a little more lively.

And we found it.  Tall, gothic-looking, thumping music, people...  We found an old church, converted into a nightclub.  It was so excellent, words don't really do it justice.  The music was great, the atmosphere was great, the people, it wasn't expensive...  The far end of the church was still intact too, with the nave, pulpit and everything else.

It was so good, we decided to stay till half three that morning, and with a tummy full of brewed beverages, we headed out to a kebab store and while our food was cooking, we managed to get some chillis given to us! YAY!

Needless to say, by the time we ate, got in, got sorted out and fell into bed, it was late.  Gone half four in the morning.  Crazy stuff!

Saturday I was nice and hangover free.  Unlike a few of the group.  Kellie was fine-ish, and so Saturday we spent mooching around, exploring, checking out the pubs and sampling local wares in said-pubs.

Saturday night was a first for me...  We got dressed up again and once more Kellie looked amazingly gorgeous.  After a quick bite to eat, we went to a very swanky casino.  Some beers, some roulette, some machines - we didn't lose any money, but Kellie DID break even which was a result.  No one in the group made their fortune I'm afraid, but once again we had an excellent night - and didn't get in till nearly 2am after more evil food...

1x Jalapeño Burger, extra chilli sauce.  Wow.

Sunday we chilled out, wandered the arcades, had some laughs until Mother Nature deemed the weekend was at an end.  The skies opened.  And I mean OPENED.  The journey home was long and painful once again, and we stopped at the pub for a rather large and impressive roast dinner.  Mmm roast pork, all the trimmings.

Once we got in and dumped all our crap, we flopped and chilled out with Mr Jack Daniels.  And that was the end of the weekend and a most excellent time.  I headed home Monday, and by the time I got out, to Jo's, the kids and dog and everything else, I was about ready for bed.

Today I rolled out of bed, the kids and me had a muck around, went shopping and pretty much haven't stopped since.  I DID clear out a cupboard earlier and found a black thing living in the corner.  The label said "Icing Sugar" but I think it was another life form.

And once again, I am home :D

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4 Responses to “La Weekénd”

Laney said...

We needed photographice evidence...of the weekend and the life form!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you had such a great time.....but it's been awfully QUIET around here!

Posh Totty said...

I agree its too quiet these days in the world of 0ddness, come on, stuff this social life lark and get back to ya blog .... this is just not good enough ya know :oP

Dan said...

Laney: Weekend evidence may be incoming at some point ;) The life form, however, was hastily plonked into a bag, which went into a bin bag, and ejected from the house. Along with the other items that were out of date by *cough*several years*cough*

I should have saved them for Harvest Festival...

Scatterbrain: Hopefully that'll be rectified soon ;)

Posh: I can't help being SO in demand, popular, sexy, manly and everything else ;)