Musical Monday #55 - Jumping All Over The World

I thought I had set a post to auto-publish for my Musical Monday, but once again, I was wrong.  Not that surprising really...

So this is my Musical Monday post.  Late, on a Tuesday.

However, after hanging in pubs, bars and clubs all weekend - not to mention having music on for the journey there and back again, I've had plenty to chose from.

Of course, I had to have something with base and a decent beat for today - I've had a lot of the music on today, and this one keeps coming on.  Not to mention, in the rather wicked club we were in, this was played and got the place literally heaving with people running to the dance floor.

Except moi, of course.  I'm much too cool to dance ;)

Scooter - Jumping All Over The World is probably generic Euro Dance.  Or Trance, or whatever term is used to describe it.  I have a fair bit of their music and it's pretty cool to bop your head along with.

Put it on and turn it up :D

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One Response to “Musical Monday #55 - Jumping All Over The World”

Unknown said...

that reminded me of Where the hell is Matt?

he dances all over the world. without the scary german guy yelling HARDCORE