Oooh, Dusty

Go me, blog-fog seemed to have overtaken me...  Not that it wasn't for lack of material - no no - just a lack of oomph to want to blog.

So here we are, mid-September, with no proper post since late August.  And, no doubt some of you have questions and stuff, I will answer them as and when you ask them.

Well, mostly ;)

So let's see...  In no particular order:
  • School is back in, and Jaysen loves his new teacher. And, most importantly, the asshat bully we had to deal with has been "requested to relocate schools" and is no longer around to annoy the pants off my son.  
  • Tamsyn has now started Nursery 4 days a week, Monday to Wednesday, plus Friday.  
  • Kellie has been the proverbial Sick As A Dog over the last week, and I've been looking after her as best I can.  
  • Ruth turned the big Three Zero! Ha, old cow.  
  • The Large Hadron Collider was switched on, and people worried all about it. Me, I think it's a good thing, and think it'll be very interesting to see what comes of it.  
  • Facebook has been revamped and upgraded. Pretty, Smooth, Clean... Despite people moaning about it. And if you don't like it, tough - it's apparently here to stay.  
  • The new Google browser, Chrome, is funky, fast and clean - but needs Add Ons like Firefox to kill adverts and other crap.  
  • The nights are drawing in... Not sure if others have noticed it, but it's "gloomy" at 7am when I fall out of bed, and very dark before Jaysen gets into bed at half seven/eight at night.  
  • A series called The Middleman is highly amusing, entertaining and doesn't take itself too seriously - if you get a chance, try watch it.  
  • Lastly, and I don't need to say it really, but still - the weather sucks so much I'm sick of it!
Otherwise, I've just been busy for the most part... Shopping, trying to keep up on top of the house, spending time with Kellie, school runs, hanging with Ruth.  And that's not even mentioning my tiredness and pretty much constant aching on top of it all, so I've been getting on with it, as it were.

No doubt I'll be getting some proper posts out at some point...  Just trying to get back into the swing of things with the new school year!

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2 Responses to “Oooh, Dusty”

The Sween! said...

"Just a lack of oomph to want to blog!"

I know what you mean - must be something in the Basildon air!

Dan said...

Strange isn't it - the other couple of Basildon bloggers I know are also on a Blog Fog...

Must be Basildonia dragging us down ;)