Piss-Holes In The Snow

That is how I can sum up my levels of alertness at the moment.  My eyes feel like deep, dark piss holes in the snow.  It's all my own doing I know, but none the less, since Tuesday of last week, I've not stopped, and think I am either going to need to rest ASAP, or just crash and burn.

The post I made the other day about being Rough still stands, and while I'm in less pain, I can attribute that to the wonders of drugs.

The weekend with Kellie has been excellent on so many levels mind you, it made it all worthwhile.  Sally and Myself got there Friday afternoon - a little later than planned thanks to the bus we were on deciding to stop a fifteen minute walk down the road from our usual stop.  Oops.  However, the weather on Friday/Saturday/Sunday has been marvellous, so the walk was all good - and Kellie met me halfway anyway!

Friday night we went to a pub called The Haystack, followed by an Indian meal at a restaurant called Ananika which was fantastic.  My food was spicy to the point everyone was making little O's with their mouth and reaching for their drink.  Yummy ;)  After that, we headed back to the pub, where the DJs took over and had a few more drinks.  We were out with Kellies mum, and her boyfriend Jon who, strangely, has the same birthday as me, just a few years older.  Two girls from Canvey, both with a boyfriend from Basildon, with the same birthday... Freaky ;)

Saturday was Kellies oldest at football practice, followed by housework, followed by some people over.  Kellies best friend Kerry, plus her fella Paul and her three kids came over, along with Kerrys brother, Kevin, his wife Kelly, and their toddle - all over to have a birthday drink with me.  Music, lots of laughs, some very obvious cheating at Trivial Pursuit... Good times!

Sunday we stayed in bed till the shockingly late time of 10am, got up, and Kellie set about making a roast dinner - Lamb - with all the trimmings.  We pottered away in the kitchen - well, when I say "we" I was there for moral support - and eventually sat down at about 2pm.

I can sum up the meal with Om Nom Nom Nom and indeed, Nom... 

The rest of the afternoon whizzed by, and before we knew it, we were saying goodbye and I was trundling across Basildon to get Jaysen

And now, here we are back to another Monday.  Pah.  The weather has gone crap, I'm cold, tired and aching, but I'll get over it ;) It was all worth it, and I've had such a good week... I'm going to slob and veg out today and try to recharge Ye Olde Batteries.

And for those that noticed... Bugger and Damnation! I completely and utterly forgot Talk Like A Pirate Day! DOH! I think I am destined to never remember it! Yaaar indeed :(

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2 Responses to “Piss-Holes In The Snow”

Anonymous said...

Do you know Facebook has "pirate" listed as a language? It's at the bottom of the new fb, go change yours and repent!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I was expecting one, maybe two posts. My finger has worn away with all the scrolling I've just done - ye hornswaggler. I forgot as well - splice the errr, thingey and a tot of rum.

Don't wish to pry Dan, but was just wondering whether you've ever had any help with your M.E. from the experts?