More Monday

If further proof of "Bah Mondays" was needed...

  • Kellie fell down the stairs at lunchtime.  She's ok, just banged and bruised...  I called her not long afterwards, and she sounded very in-pain and was very unhappy.  I felt like a useless lump on the end of the phone, when all I wanted to do was shoot over there and give her a cuddle :(
  • Jaysen got sent home poorly from school with - of all things - a cold.  They hammer on about attendance and everything else, and send him home because "he felt a bit poorly".  I wouldn't mind, but I collected him at 14:10 this afternoon - less than an hour before the end of school :S
  • My fishtank, while now shiny and clean, is devoid of all but seven fishes for some reason...  Think I need a restock.
  • I mowed by lawn for the last time (I hope) this year and ended up making my ouchie more ouchie.
  • I now have germs too, with a nice sore throat and bunged up nose.  Joy.
  • My washing machine appears to be on the way out, with some very very interesting noises coming from within...
Even though Jaysen was a little bit sick earlier - the general consensus is from sniffing his snot - he's still going to school tomorrow.  He's fine in himself, just has a cold, so he's had an early night, I won't wake him up at the arse-crack of dawn, and then will dose him up a bit.  Then I'm going to steal a bus and drive to Canvey to look after my girlie for a while, smother her with big fat - but gentle - hugs, then change into my Spandex, fly home, get Jaysen from school and cook dinner.

Which will probably be soup.

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One Response to “More Monday”

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of viruses doing the rounds - kids never wash their hands at school, good breeding ground. Our virus just keeps hanging around and doesn't know when to go away.