As a general rule, I don't have a day of the week that makes me feel "UGH" nor do I try to avoid other days because they are generally "bad"

However, this morning I felt like Garfield, and things kinda went wrong from the get go.  Firstly, for comedy value, I was woken up by a phone call from Ruth telling me to wake up.  Yep, I slept through my alarm.  However, in my defence, I HAVE been dealing with Evil Insomnia From Hell since last week, and last night, I took drugs and finally fell asleep just after midnight.

Between three and four, I flopped out of bed and took some more meds as, to put it bluntly, f'king OUCH, and then flaked out in bed once again - only to sleep through my alarm.

Quite HOW I slept through it is somewhat beyond me... My brain seemed to adapt to my previous alarm and I never even noticed it when it went off, even if I was awake...  So I changed it for something a little... Different...

Granted, this version doesn't do it justice - it's a very loud song which I am sure 99% of you will detest - but I digress... I SLEPT through this. For half an hour. It was down to my Kill Bill ringtone blasting to wake me up. And if you've not heard it...

Again, it's a lot more annoying in person ;)

So, I overslept. Joy. The first thing my head noticed was "Ugh" followed by "Ow... sore throat" followed by "PAAAAAIN!" followed rather rapidly by "Awww 17 weeks" hotly pursued by "Awww I miss my Kellie"

After having a very manly early morning piss (You know you love all the details) it occurred to me the house was veeeery quiet. So I plonked upstairs and kicked the wee man out of bed. He's got a cold too, but we've got an agreement in that, unless he has limbs hanging off, or is leaking stuff he shouldn't be leaking, then he's going to school.

I came downstairs and proceeded to smash a couple of bowls. One of which was full of cereal. Marvellous. Thankfully, it was devoid of milk so I only had to sweep up. I then poured the water from the kettle into my large mug and set to stirring, wondering why it was so lumpy.

I then tipped away the mug of unboiled water, washed my cup and set to making another coffee, this time with HOT water. Plank.

I only poured a little of the scaling liquid on my feet on the way upstairs, and, at 0755, realised there was still no sign of Jaysen. Went up, shook the lazy bastard awake again, and made sure he got up this time. Came down to find Bast eating my breakfast.

You know when you Just. Don't. Care. When you think "I cannot be bothered"... I SO nearly just ate my breakfast regardless. But Sally had my rice crispies this morning. I'll survive.

With a small silver lining, Ruth offered to take Jaysen into school, and thankfully she was running late too - so him being late didn't matter too much, and he finally evacuated the premises just after half eight. At a jog, I should add.

So, I'm cold, I'm hurting, I'm hungry... I think today can pretty much GET LOST YOU LUMP OF EXCREMENT!

The weekend, however, was excellent once again. Saturday night was spent in front of an open fire with cold beers. Bliss. Sunday was slightly less warm, standing in a rain storm watching Kellie & Kerrys oldest in their first football match. Thank f'k for my new coat - I think I'd be colder, damper and hurtier (it's my word) had I taken my older, crappier coat.

Try as I might, I still can't see what the massive appeal of football is. All the parents were lined up, in the rain either in big coats or with big umbrellas, shouting words of encouragement at the boys. I just don't get it, but then, none of them can probably see the appeal of sitting playing World of Warcraft or similar ;) Don't get me wrong, all the lads out there played very well (Plus the boys team won) and, as me and Kellie were talking about last night, it's good to see the boys playing for the love of the game, and not because they are getting millions of quid to kick a ball around like the professionals out there.

I'm just not a sporty boy it would seem. It's never been something I've "gotten". I remember as a kid, I joined a football team for a short period, at the behest of my dad I think it was. I did a couple of training sessions, and a couple of matches, but being that - while I am agile, I possess two left feet - I remember sitting on the edge of the pitch watching my team run around.

Otherwise, for the rest of Monday, I intend to sit, snuggled, watching DVDs, doing a little housework, drinking tea and then doing a school run. Me and Jaysen will have an early dinner, take the dog for a walk, then get in, drink tea and... well, whatever - catch up on Merlin, maybe.

So how was your weekend, and do you hate Mondays?

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2 Responses to “Mondays...”

Stuart Wilson said...

Mondays are great!! Going back to work after the weekend is something I actually enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Aargh! My ears!