Musical Monday #60 - See You Again

Bear in mind when I blog, I pretty much KNOW that I'm sharing various aspects of my life that some people would pretty much keep to themselves.  There is stuff on here that, for the most part, the "average" normal person would not share for fear of reprisal or being laughed at...

Just keep that in mind, dear reader, with this Musical Monday post.

I don't know what makes me like some music over other music.  The bass, the beat, the lyrics, the oompf of it - I couldn't say.  So when I heard todays song, I thought "Hmmm I like that" and then I noticed the Artist Name.  Being a 31 32 year old bloke, it's not the sort of thing you'd consider I listen to.

But then, I've never said I had a specific genre that is me.

So when I tell you that I am loving this Miley Cyrus song, See You Again, you might want to point and laugh.  But I can handle it.  I'm big enough and ugly enough to accept that I'm a strange banana.  And if you're still scratching your head, Miley Cyrus = Hannah Montana.

She's also the daught of Billy Ray "Don't Break My Heart, My Achey Breaky Heart" Cyrus.

I'll get me coat...

In my defence, Ruth made me listen to it... So technically it's HER fault...

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