This guy to put one right in my noggin.  I'm all germified, feel like hell, my everything is killing me - even my shins and my elbows ache.  That's always a blast to tell people.  "Yeah, my legs ache... No, not the muscles, the shin..."

Always good for a few funny looks.

So if you happen to know of someone handy with putting people down, put in a good word for me.  Now if you will excuse me, my tissues, hot juice and blanket on the sofa are calling me.

And I miss my Kellie too :(

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8 Responses to “Wanted”

Anonymous said...

Just enjoy it while it lasts.

g-man said...

Hey Dan-o. Sorry that you are under the weather. I am glad that you and Kellie are progressing nicely. I did want to stop by and mention that it is again Breast Cancer Awareness Month and since you had such a large turnout last year I thought I'd see if you were interested in doing another charitable boob post series?

We well soon.

Liquid said...

Careful what you wish for.........I'm a pretty good shot. lol
Hope you feel better
REAL soon!

Hot green tea, Sir?

CapricornWoman said...

Is this a man flu? LOL

debbie said...

my other half has achey skin on his legs daily Dan,, after having his legs straightened at 9 months of age,, its a daily thing to have me rub his legs,, but he winces most days just with the pain,,

sending you hugs Dan but I dont want your germs

Anonymous said...

Loads of sympathy for poorly Dan! :-(

And I'm with Debbie, sending hugs - but keep your germs to yourself! ;-)


Sage said...


Posh Totty said...

Oh the joys of man flu