This guy to put one right in my noggin.  I'm all germified, feel like hell, my everything is killing me - even my shins and my elbows ache.  That's always a blast to tell people.  "Yeah, my legs ache... No, not the muscles, the shin..."

Always good for a few funny looks.

So if you happen to know of someone handy with putting people down, put in a good word for me.  Now if you will excuse me, my tissues, hot juice and blanket on the sofa are calling me.

And I miss my Kellie too :(

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7 Responses to “Wanted”

Anonymous said...

Just enjoy it while it lasts.

g-man said...

Hey Dan-o. Sorry that you are under the weather. I am glad that you and Kellie are progressing nicely. I did want to stop by and mention that it is again Breast Cancer Awareness Month and since you had such a large turnout last year I thought I'd see if you were interested in doing another charitable boob post series?

We well soon.

Liquid said...

Careful what you wish for.........I'm a pretty good shot. lol
Hope you feel better
REAL soon!

Hot green tea, Sir?

debbie said...

my other half has achey skin on his legs daily Dan,, after having his legs straightened at 9 months of age,, its a daily thing to have me rub his legs,, but he winces most days just with the pain,,

sending you hugs Dan but I dont want your germs

Anonymous said...

Loads of sympathy for poorly Dan! :-(

And I'm with Debbie, sending hugs - but keep your germs to yourself! ;-)


Sage said...


Posh Totty said...

Oh the joys of man flu