In a shock move, the weather still sucks.  And it's cold.  And my boiler has gone all funny.  However, it's gone the other way for comedy Chez 0ddness comedy. 

Last week, I had a man come over to service my boiler, who gave it a clean bill of health.  Result.

Then, Saturday night, Kellie stayed here after our night out.  At about half two in the morning, the bedroom was like a mini sauna.  So I tottered downstairs and turned the thermostat off.  An hour later, it was even hotter, so I turned it from Heating/Hot Water to Hot Water Only.

STILL the radiator was burning hot, so eventually, I turned the boiler off.  I figured, while being a little tipsy, I had missed something.  But nope. 

So, at the moment, if the house is cold, I turn the boiler on, and it warms up fairly quickly - and if I forget to turn it off, wow...  It's like being in the tropics!

Of course, it doesn't count as a priority fault as I still have heat and hot water (in spades!) so I had to wait till Friday for a fixer-man.  Half an hour ago, they repair team called and cancelled the appointment as they were being overwhelmed with emergencies.  So I have to wait till next week for it to be fixed now.

In other news... In an effort to make the rest of the world despise my mobile phone, I've now got the Space Pirates song chorus as my ringtone!  I considered setting it as my message tone, but then realised it would take surgeons forever to get it removed from my body cavity.

And apologies for all the quizzy-tag things below this post.  I've been tagged over and over, and saved them all, and figured I really should post them ;)

Anyway, if you happen to find the sun under a rock or buried under leaves, please return it to it's correct place overhead!

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3 Responses to “Glooooom!”

Anonymous said...

The sun is still overhead, it's just that the pilot light has gone out so it shutdown. It's slightly ahead of you in the queue for the repair man; but only just...

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Gosh Dan the Man... I am so behind...

do you ever get my emails??

I want to catch up with ya...

Anonymous said...

It's too quiet around here!