It's hard to imagine that this time ten years ago, I became a daddy for the first time.  Ten years...  A DECADE.

Yep, today is Jaysen's 10th birthday, and I honestly cannot believe it has gone so fast.  When I got up this morning, he was already up playing on a playstation game (he got for his birthday with Jo yesterday!) and I watched him for a few minutes, finding it hard to believe what started out a little pink wiggly thing was the same big pink wiggly thing on the sofa.

We had a cuddle while I wished him happy birthday, and told him how great he is, how proud I am of him - he's put up with a lot over the last few years - and that as long as he's happy, then I am happy.

Also this week, I watched him at his first proper Xmas performance with the school.  He had lines to say and everything, even if his mean old dad was in the audience trying to make him giggle ;)

Of course, being extra-mean, I wouldn't let him open all his pressies this morning!  After school we're getting him changed out of his uniform, then heading to the cinema for his birthday.  He's slowly making out like a bandit too - he had a birthday with Jo after school yesterday, then today with me, the weekend will be with Jo's parents, then next week he'll end up with more stuff from other friends and family too...

So, to my little man.  Who knows, one day you may read through all this and find these messages, but you are such an amazing little boy.  I wish life could be smoother and easier for you, but you've taken everything in your stride, and for that, I am so proud of you.  You're brave and strong, and always do your best with everything you do.

Never change, my perfect little boy.  There'll come a day that you don't want a cuddle from me, but till then, I'll be taking them whenever I can!

Happy Birthday Jaysen

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3 Responses to “11-12-1998”

g-man said...

Very nice homage to a good kid. :)

I'll tell you that you never stop being amazed at them the older they get.

Posh Totty said...

Happy Birthday Jaysen Xxx

Anonymous said...

Aagh! I kept checking....nothing, then you posted and I missed it.

They are amazing, aren't they? My son continues to amaze me more and more. He's also returned to the hugging thing, thank goodness.

Happy burp-day Jaysen.