We Now Return You To Your Scheduled.. Stuff..

As may have been noticed, I've not been here for a bit.  Not too long, but long enough.  I don't think I got away with it to be honest, but none the less..

Not sure where I went really.  I think I was struggling with content and what-not, so kinda just left it for a bit.  Plus, I got poorly, got better, then subsequently got poorly all over again - and the last think I want to do is tappity-tappity-tap on a keyboard, when every tap makes my hands ache.

And yes, I am still poorly - coughing and spluttering, bunged up and all gravelly-voiced, but pushing on as best I can.

Of course, another big factor at the moment is the season change.  I HATE IT when everything turns grey and damp and miserable.  It's just sad, depressing and makes me huff and puff all the more.  Of course, that in turn pushes my head back and I usually end up in a crappy place - again, not a particularlly good frame of mind to promote blogging.

Generally, everything is Pretty Damn Good, but have found various hiccups along the way, but all have been clambered upon, surmounted and generally beaten.

And in other news, I have lost - and exuse the adjective here - a shitload of weight, and not in a bad way.  Over the years, my weight slowly went upwards, then when I finally went off sick, it shot up and kinda stuck there.  People often say "Oh you don't look that bad" but I can see it and I can feel it.  When I have medicals, the doc always looks surprised as apparently I don't look as big as I should (apparently).  Well, on Saturday, I stood on some scales for the first time in nearly seven months, and have lost...  *does some maths, checks some charts*

I've lost weight equivilant to an "average sized" five-and-a-half years old boy.  Just over four stone, which is 56lb.  Ish.  I needed to check my weight as last week, Kellie decided my jeans needed a ritual burning.  They were falling down - with a belt on - and they were missing the ever-so-important material in the crotch.  After trying on several pairs, I've lost two sizes and can almost almost get into the next size down too.

And even the new ones are a little baggy.

Of course, I blame Kellie.  It's all her fault.  She's making me waste away ;)  Ooooh of course, it could be that I am doing all the cooking here now... Hmmm...

So, what have I been up to, aside from wasting away?  Well, erm... lots.  Just generically busy for the most part, poodling around, hanging out, meals, germs, shopping...  It's all been a bit busy, and now Xmas is looming.  Gah.

No doubt over the coming days, I will post various stuff from what I've been up to, but I am alive, I am a teeny bit thinner, and while I am coughing and spluttering, I am intact!

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5 Responses to “We Now Return You To Your Scheduled.. Stuff..”

Anonymous said...

huge grats hunny thats really good work & grats to kellie for making you happy enough to lose the weight xxx

Sage said...

Congratulations, that is some weight loss.. any tips for me?

Anonymous said...

I HATE IT when everything turns grey and damp and miserable.

duh. you live in england... its grey and damp and miserable YEAR ROUND.

you need to find a place on the mediterranean or summit

Anonymous said...

Good to see your face again - even if there is less of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I meant to say, I've moved sites (but not my files *sob!*) so hope to see you soon. I can't promise there'll be any cupcakes left though.

Also, there's been loads of viruses hanging around. I haven't shaken mine since September.

Formerly known as...always wanted to say that, it's the diva in me....Scatterbrain.