Musical Monday #62 - Jump That Rock

The first sign I lose my blogging mojo is when my Musical Monday posts start to falter.  Oooh, maybe that's why I posted Ms. Montanna a while back... Ahem

Of course, the other problem I've had with Musical Monday of late is just quite WHAT to publish.  Sometimes I sit here with music on, trying to work out what to play.  Sometimes I skip through my playlist on shuffle trying to find something, and still struggle to be enthralled at posting a song.

Today though, I knew what I wanted to do, and I am pretty sure 99% of the world will boycot 0ddness, set fire to my cat and riot...  Even Jaysen doesn't like this song, and that's saying something.  He usually likes most music.  But A) I like it, and B) MY BLOG!

Scooter (There goes half the reader base) vs. Status Quo (And there goes the rest) - Jump That Rock is a generic dance/trance/rock remix of an old song by an old rocker group, remixed by the crazy German chaps in Scooter.  I don't even know if the US know who Status Quo is...  Ho hum ;)

Just remember, I COULD post more Hannah Montanna, or even branch out into High School Musical...

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3 Responses to “Musical Monday #62 - Jump That Rock”

The Sween! said...

If it stops Hanna bloody Montana ever rearing her head again.....Scooter Rules! lol

The Sween! said...

By the way...welcome back!

Sage said...

SOH introduced me to Scooter, I quite like them... does that make me odd too?

BTW welcome back