Ho Ho Ho!

OK, yes, I've been blogging on and off these last few weeks, but that doesn't stop me from stopping by to wave at all of you (well, prolly both of you by now!) that read 0ddness to wish you all a very very Merry Christmas!

Despite it having been on the calendar for at least the last couple of months, Crimbo seems to have crept up on me.  I've pretty much achieved nothing... Rather, I wouldn't have, were it not for Kellie.  She's been amazing and excellent all rolled into one - while I've been rubbish.

And before anyone asks, I DID get her a gift she will always remember... Sunday morning she woke up with my germs!

Uh Oh!

Let's hope I've not given her the ManFlu lurgy - Christmas Eve is going to be manic... In fact, it's been manic for the last ten days at least, and will continue to be like this until the New Year.  Hence the lack of posting ;)

I don't know what I'd have done without her!

Anyway, to one and all, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas - no matter what you celebrate, worship or anything else - and that you have a great time.

And a final thought for you...  If you take Santas catchphrase of "Ho Ho Ho" and add "Yo" in front of it, Santa suddenly becomes a pirate.

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5 Responses to “Ho Ho Ho!”

Adullamite said...

Happy flu filled Christmas to you!:)

Laney said...

Hope you all had a good day Dan!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Mr Odd
we have a Pirates of the Caribbean t shirt with Yo Ho Ho and crossed candy canes instead of bones
thought you'd like the idea, Disney got there first as usual ;o)

Anonymous said...

You're still as funny as ever - hope you all feel better soon and same to you for a good Christmas.

I'm late with my comments as well as I've been running around like a headless....turkey!

Rosey said...

Kknock knock, anyone there? I seem to have taken a wrong turn and ended up on your blog. Glad I did though, nice to find a fellow Englander in this sea of Americans! I may well pop back. Happy new year!