You know what I am getting really fed up with?  People seeing that I am STILL poorly, that I am still coughing, sneezing, spluttering, and they tell me I should take vitamins and eat properly.

Here's the thing.  As a general rule, I DO eat properly.  I certain have my five-a-day in the ways of fruit and veg, and not to mention, on top of that I take Multivitamins & Minerals, AND a Vitamin B Supplement which has extra Vitamin C in it to boot.

I drink pure juice.  I eat fruit.  I eat veg.  To be honest, I hardly buy anything in the way of "snacking" food, junk or whatever.  One, I am losing weight and want to keep it that way.  Two, I don't want the kids to reach out and grab junk when they can grab a banana or something.  Three, to be honest, I can't afford to buy crisps, chocolate, biscuits or whatever...

Lastly, as my doc told me last time I was there with germs, he told me that part of having Chronic Fatigue/ME was being unwell in general.  From the ME Association web page:
Symptoms which suggest on-going abnormalities in immune system function include sore throats, enlarged glands, joint pains, headaches, problems with temperature control and intermittent flu-like feelings.
So it would seem that it's my lot in life ;)

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2 Responses to “Vitamins”

Anonymous said...

hehe woot you still boshing the heavy B's with me .. mmmmm B rush hehee

kids = ill they bring back bugs for parents i swear it

Adullamite said...

The problem with being ill is that EVERYBODY knows what is best for you! If you obeyed them you would of course be very dead by now!