Musical Monday #63 - Invaders Must Die

Over my many many (many) years of loving music, I always manage to gyrate back to the things I listened to in my yoof, my teenage years.

Back then, it was invariably some form of rock/metal (not that nu-metal shite that kids listen to these days!) or some form of dance/trance music.

While my birth certificate might well kick me into the "OLD" section of the population, I am still a kid at heart, and still have no desire to grow up, mature or anything else.  Much to the disappointment of my family.

Live and learn, eh ;)

One such band, and even a local one at that, has been The Prodigy.  My family always used to liken it to car alarms, but I've always loved them to bits.  Their early stuff was very new, the stuff from the late 90's was different and then, it happened as is quite often the case, they went down the pan.  Their last album, Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned just seemed to be the lead member of the band needing to make some cash, and for the most part, it was a badly-received album.

However, unlike a lot of mainstream musicians, they listened to the fanbase, went away, and worked hard.  Last month, they released one of their new songs on an album due next year - and released it for free no less - to hear what the fans had to say.

Invaders Must Die has been - as far as I can tell - very very well received.  I know a few of the other bloggers that like The Prodigy have given it thumbs up, and I for one love this song.

Which, as usual, prolly means most of you will hate it ;)

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2 Responses to “Musical Monday #63 - Invaders Must Die”

Laney said...

I love the Prodigy, they are fantastic live. If you've never seen them, you must!

The Sween! said...

The song is quality - and it was received well at the brixton Academy on Saturday night! They also played some of their new stuff which also sounds excellent!