Here's a tradition I really don't understand...  New Years Resolutions

See, as far as I can make out, people make these promises to the new year to stop things that are bad, dirty, unhealthy - whatever - only to crumble after a few days or weeks...  And then the following New Year, they start them all over again.

Quitting smoking, Dieting, Exercising, removing X Y or Z from their lives.  Surely if you wanted to give these things up or make changes to your life, you should do them anyway, not making these outlandish claims while half-tiddled on cheap bubbly, only to change your mind or completely forget the very next day.

To this end - and once again - I am NOT making any resolutions.  Sure, there are things I'd like to do, change, or whatever, but the last thing on my mind while attempting to do Auld Lang Syne without spilling my pint, is whether or not I should quit the triple fried egg with chilli and chutney sandwich each morning with my coffee.

To those of you that HAVE made resolutions, I wish you the best of luck with them.  And for the next five, ten, twenty years when you decide to do the same ones again and again.

If I MUST make one, then I resolve not to be eaten by a shark named Phillip.

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5 Responses to “Resolutions...”

Shiny Demon said...

Your luck is in my friend!
Ever since The Shark Naming Act of 1957 (amended 1964 & 1982) was passed by parliament, it has been illegal for a shark to be named "Phillip".
Sharks failing to comply with The Shark Naming Act of 1957 (amended 1964 & 1982), shall be taken to the end of Southend Pier and pelted with Werthers Originals until such time as they are dead.

Posh Totty said...

This is the first year ever Iv not made any .... I dont near to, im damn perfect as I am :P

Anonymous said...

lol i feel ranted at.. i made mine stone cold sober if that helps?
Maybe its a girl thing but putting a date on summit as a new year helps me.. ok so i doubt i will stick to all of them and i haven't before.. but i like to think i have a small chance of losing some of this weight lol and it gives me more motication to start now after the excesses of xmas than it does on a random tuesday in May.

Anonymous said...

I resolve not to make any resolutions!

Happy New Year Dan!

The HoJo's said...

nope don't do resolutions either, just o with the flow and a Happy New Year