Musical Monday #64 - Sonic Boom Boy

In Ye Olde Days of Yore, when an advert came on the television using a cool bit of music, there was no Intarweb in which to "have a Google" and see what it was you heard.  There was that bloke everyone knew that seemed to be a walking, physical version.  Google 0.5 Beta, perhaps.

However, in this here Not So Days of Yore, there IS the Mighty Mighty Google, in which you spam in the advert, add the word "song" to it, and chances are, before you've even thought about asking that bloke you know, the answer is there in front of you.

Which is one other reason I love to Google ;)

Over Christmas, and indeed, the run-up to Christmas, Sony have been running a series of ads with a song that always sticks in my head - I remembered it from my youth (Yes, that far back), and this evening, after hearing it again, I had a quick Google, and Robert's your mothers brother, I have the result.

To be honest, it's such an old song, I don't remember the band, but I like it now.  Westworld - Sonic Boom Boy is probably more likely annoying people up and down the country with it being played so much, but still, it's a great old track. 

If a wee bit dated now ;)

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