A Wee Bit Knackered

Last night was a rough night.  Rough, with a capital R.

Jaysen was sent home from school yesterday - he felt a bit poorly the night before, and tried the "I feel ill" routine for about five nanoseconds, then saw the snow and seemed fine.  And being Harsh Evil Daddy, I would have shipped him off anyways.

They sent him home before midday.  Oops.

So yesterday afternoon he just chilled out, rested and dozed on and off.  A sure sign he's not feeling well.  Then he just wanted to sit and watch DVDs, not bother with the computer or playstation - another sure sign - and was in bed a little after eight.

I went to bed around ten or so, and sat chatting to Kellie on the phone for about an hour and a half, then nodded off.  Just After one, I popped awake - I had heard Jaysen shuffling around, and woke up to make sure he was OK.  He felt ill, couldn't settle, needed a drink...

After waking, I could NOT get back to sleep.  I don't know if I was worried he'd need me, or if I was too hot (pfft, -4C last night!), too cold (more likely), or just simply could NOT get comfortable.  Whatever, I was awake till gone four, seeing to Jaysen on and off.  He was just poorly all night long - not sickness or anything, but aching, hurting, hot, cold...

I was then popped awake a few times after dozing off, and at about eight this morning, I threw in my cards and gave up with the sleep-thing.  Jaysen has just tottered downstairs, burning hot, eyes like crap and aching - coupled with a sore throat and blocked nose - and has resumed his Flopped On The Sofa position watching Spongebob.

He's poorly and tired, I'm knackered... Should be a good day :S

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3 Responses to “A Wee Bit Knackered”

Adullamite said...

It will only last a couple of days!
You can live 48 hours without sleep! :)

debbie said...

awww Poor Poor Jaysen,, I hope he feels better soon,, as for you Dan, you'll cope Jaysen is the important one here,,

Anonymous said...

Blasted viruses!