It does strange things to us men-folk...

No, we didn't get any more snow last night - it did, however, rain on the already-slippery ice, so the walk to school this morning was rather treacherous.  But FUN!  This is the smiley face I lovingly crafted with my feet, modelled by Tam.  
I woke up at silly-AM this morning to the sound of running water - thankfully outside, but the problem with a flat roof is that water kinda sits and then finds holes - the melting snow was running off the roof and down the side of the house - so at 9.15am I was up on it clearing it off before it found its way inside.
And I didn't fall off, which is always good :)

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One Response to “Boredom”

g-man said...

Aw, that is too cute!! You are such a nice daddy.

It might be 58F/14C over the weekend. Woo hoo!