My New Mate

It's strange, how someone new in your life can make you smile.

Yesterday, while I was on the phone to Kellie, I was rather surprised to see someone having a wander about in my back garden, nosing around, seeing what was what and what was where.

He's not very old I don't think, but he's nosey and bold - maybe a little wet behind the ears - but I'm sure that with time, he'll become a bit more aware of the world around him.  Of course, I didn't want to open the back door and introduce myself - I am fairly sure Sally would disapprove (you know how these girls can be) and I didn't want to scare him away.

Actually, thinking about it, I think it might be a girl fox (yes yes, vixen) after seeing her sit to pee instead of lifting a leg to have a whizz.

After all, foxes can be strange folks. 

Now I think she's living under the decking next door - it's sheltered and with all the junk under there, it's prolly fairly well insulated.  I also suspect she's been out there a while - I just never noticed - as Sally keeps doing strange things at the back door and getting wound up for no reason.

Earlier on, Jo popped over to drop Tam off and I was telling her about the fox in my garden yesterday - and she said "Like that one on your shed?"  and lo-and-behold, there she was, sitting up, surveying the gardens from atop my shed roof.

No, they don't bother me at all - I love foxes and it's not my first run in with them, especially of late.  No doubt I'll be putting food scraps out there for her now to make sure she doesn't get hungry - especially in this cold weather.  She's not very big, but luckily still has meat on her bones.  Bright eyed and bushy tailed, as they say.

You'll have to click the photos to see her.  No, it's not a cat ;)  If you're struggling, she's back-left on the shed.

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3 Responses to “My New Mate”

Anonymous said...

We often get one on our shed roof - sometimes inside the shed.

Posh Totty said...

She is beautiful, Im so jealous, the best I get on my shed roof is the fleabag from next door lol.

debbie said...

oh I would love to say she is pretty,, well Ok she is and your lucky.. pitty my chickens weren't so lucky but hey they were out early and so was fox,, and doing what come naturally,,

i am sure Sally would get wound up by a fox in the garden too,,