Back To "Normality"

The last week-and-a-bit have been a little bit rough, hence the lack of Blogging from yours truly.

Obviously, last weekend was a bit crap, but I had Kellie looking after me, plus I had the kids for the weekend too (it was half term, so Jo had them the first half, me the second half) and having them run around helped.  Well, I say that, but Tam decided to develop some strange bug/virus which made her temperature shoot up and she because very clingy and tired.

Saturday night, it got to the point where Kellie had to sleep on the sofa, and Tam was in the bed with me.  Kellies idea, I should stress - I didn't kick her out ;)  On the one side, it did give me something else to focus on, but on the other hand, I was knackered.

We went home Sunday evening as usual, and Sunday night was a bit crap, but I wasn't sad, I was angry.  I've been angry with the world since losing Bethy, but this sort of came out the blue.  And it wasn't an "angry-at-people" but at The Powers That Be or whoever it is that supposed to listen to help out people.

Call me childish, but I was going over everything Bethy endured in her four years, and was asking why.

Since that night, I have been failing to sleep much at all.  I was so tired, and had a really busy week to boot, that I'd go to bed and phone Kellie as usual, but end up getting really tired.  I'd put the phone down and be asleep within minutes - only to wake up any time between two or three that morning, and stay awake

Monday, I needed to destroy Jaysens bedroom.  It had gotten to that stage where walking into the room was a mission in itself, and probably similar to crossing a minefield in the middle of a warzone.  So I spent the entire day in there shredding it and getting some sort of order back in there.  The week before, I did my own bedroom, as hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I'm going to switch our bedrooms around once again.

Of course, I over-did it on Monday, and Tuesday was in exhausted agony.  I had to go get my money and shopping, and was hobbling/limiping and walking like an old fart, so I was out most of the day.

Wednesday I had to go to Ruths and help her out with some furniture destruction/moving.  The ceiling in her girls bedroom had fallen down, and as the plasterer wanted the room clear, she needed it emptied.  Unable to do it on her own, I helped her out, dismantling furniture and shifting it out the room.  Chaos.  Of course, this just added to the tiredness/ouchiness.

Thursday was the first day I could effectively do sweet F.A...  Of course, I had a Tamsyn to keep an eye on, and had to try get some housework done - I took it relatively easy, but couldn't just sit and do nothing.

Then, Friday, I came back over to Kellies, and Friday night was the first night in a week I managed to sleep for more than five hours. 

And here we are on Sunday, I'm still a bit tired, but am at peace with the world once again.  Kellie is currently at a football match with Kerry and their boys, and I'm sat, chilling out, effectively sitting Kellies youngest.  Well, "youngest" of seven years old.  She's playing on the Wii while I chatter away!

Otherwise, I've not had much to report this week...  Hopefully next week will be a little more "Normal" for me ;)

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