Twas A Time of Busy!

As you may have noticed, posting here has been a teeny tiny bit... Absent.  It's not that I don't love any of you any more, it's just been that I don't think I've had a quiet half hour in ages!  Ages and ages, in fact!

Not only that, but Musical Monday is causing me grief thanks to YouTube sticking the proverbial middle finger up at the UK Viewers and not allowing us to watch music videos.  Granted, I could probably dig around their site and find the song I want, but, ya know... lazy ;)

As mentioned, things are rather le busy...  Busy, coupled with some germs, being out and about, trying to keep the house tidy, trying to find what could be considered a garden outside, entertaining kids.

A few weeks ago, Kellie got poorly - really poorly - and having Avian Flu or Swine Flu or Man Flu or something else icky was bad enough - a few days after feeling better, it came back again and knocked the already knackered girlie right in the nogging.  She was a poorly girl.

Thanks to my astounding manly immune system, I actually avoided the worst of it, and only spent a few days on antibiotics feeling like pants.

The garden - once again - decided to sprout that bloody evil spawn of all things Lovecraftian, Japanese Knotweed.  I noticed it popping up in early April, and thought "Not on my watch, sonny-jim" and went out there and pulled the bloody stuff up.  Five-Six weeks later, that is, last Thursday, I went back out there, and pulled up the TWELVE FOOT PLANTS.  While I was doing it, Tam was running around, and vanished inside the tall green forest.

Hell, I was missing in the tall green forest.

if anyone wants some of Satans plant, let me know, and I'll sacrifice a goat and send you some.

Anyways, everything else is fine and dandy... I'm not going to cry about my mobile phone that died, nor the fact I'm using a five year old mobile (An accursed Nokia, no less!!) that was given to Tam as a toy a couple of years back.  Stupid phone.  Lucky for me, my contract is up for renewal any time now, but being me, I'm waiting for the Sony Ericsson W995 to be released - which should be next week.

The wee squishy kids are fine and dandy - I found Tam amongst the knotweed eventually - and Jaysen is still as smart as ever.

Still, hopefully from next week, I'm going to be back on here spouting my rubbish and annoying the blogosphere.  And, fingers crossed, figure out what to do with Musical Mondays... Which will probably just mean finding dodgy user-made videos.  I'll survive ;)

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3 Responses to “Twas A Time of Busy!”

Sage said...

Missed you, glad u r back {{hugs}} for kellie.. hope she is feeling a lot better x x

Little Nut Tree Blog said...

why has this post linked to my dashboard!!?!

Glad to see you back! I also am peed off with the whole music video thing it's very irritating! Have been using vimeo :)

GreenCastle said...

Wahooo.... there you are stranger... Glad your back, as for the devil plant... you have to get all the roots out, onyl way is to dig it out, trust me had a garden full of the stuff, twas hard work as well.

Catch you soon, love to Kellie.