Busy Busy Busy!

As you may (or may not) have noticed, things have been very quiet here on 0ddness... Well, the quietness here does not reflect on life in general.

March has been completely manic.  What with birthdays (plenty of birthdays!), Mothers Day, clearing through the house in a pathetic effort of spring cleaning, a germ attack, and generally being busy as hell, I've not had much chance to sit and actually write anything.

I am SO glad that school breaks up for a couple of weeks tomorrow.

On the bright side, despite being busy (and knackering myself out a lot!) things are going very well.  The kids are both doing very well, I'm ticking over nicely, Kellie is fine, and her kids are both good too.  In just a few days, me and Kellie have been "officially" dating for 10 months, and this month marks the year of when we started talking and socialising.

Awwww *mush*

Tamsyn turned four (a post is in-progress, saved as a draft for some reason!), and Gemma hit thirty - which was celebrated with many amusing pictures of her as a wee one.  Sadly, I was in several of them too which was.... nice...  I've also been given some photos of my 18th birthday which shows some shockingly-young friends!

I've been having a mission with Musical Mondays of late, thanks to a stupid royalties-money-thingie has been going on, which now prevents YouTube broadcasting musical videos in the UK, so I'm trying to look at other sites to use and suchlike.

Anyways, next week the kids will be with Jo, which means I'll be vegging out with Kellie.  The second week I'll have the kids, and be flicking between Kellies and mine, so no doubt it'll be a little quiet for a while yet ;)

I considered an April Fool, but after some of the other attempts I saw online, I didn't really carry on.  I think most of the world expects the pages they read to have some sort of jape on them, so I decided against it.  Besides, I'd have prolly broken something anyway ;)

And now... Housework!

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5 Responses to “Busy Busy Busy!”

Anonymous said...

Glad things are going well for you. I'm looking forward to getting a lie in for the next two weeks.

debbie said...

just glad your doing ok Dan,,

Stuart Wilson said...

Pictures from your 18th? Hope I am not in any of them! I vaguely remember that night.

Nancy Jensen said...

So good to know that things are going pretty well. Congrats to Kellie and you on your dating anniversary.

I almost did an April fools joke about being preggers but I decided against it. Who knows how many people would have believed it and I'm *fat* enough that pictures wouldn't prove otherwise. LOL So no jokes this year.

Posh Totty said...

10 months? Jeeez aint she had enough of your germ filled moaning yet? hehe :oP