Musical Monday #70 - Accident & Emergency

As mentioned before on various Musical Monday posts, I often hear a song, think about it for a while, then forget it... Only to repeat the same process over and over and over.

It might be a song in a movie, on a TV program, on the radio - even hearing it in someones car as they go past blaring it at +350% bass.

Such is the case with this song - if you watch BBC3, you may have seen a show called Bizarre ER, which basically shows the strange stuff that goes through the various Casualty Departments around the country.  The theme music always catches my ear, but seeing as I usually see it late at night, I forget about it.

Not so this week!  Me and Kellie watched some during the week, and I have been repeating it over and over in my head, until I got to where I am now!

The video is a wee bit strange, but then, I think that's a "thing" for a lot of videos of late...  But it's not about the video.  Patrick Wolf - Accident & Emergency:

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