A Strange Weekend

This weekend, as the title might suggest, has been rather strange... 

For the first time in almost a year, I've not been with Kellie.  In fact, this weekend has been the longest gap between seeing her.  If you're on Facebook with me, you might have seen the pictures I've been uploading of Kellie and her best friend, Kerry, away for the weekend.

The last time I saw her was Wednesday.  Thursday she was getting all her stuff together, and then Friday morning, she toddled off to Bognor.  Today - Monday - she's heading home, and has loads of stuff to do, and as such, I won't get to see her till tomorrow.  FIVE days.

OK, I know it sounds sad and sappy, but I've really missed her this weekend.  Usually, I am over there Friday evening, and spend the entire weekend with her - and of late, I've been staying till Monday afternoon.  Usually I see her on Wednesdays during the week as well, so there is never more than a two-day gap between seeing her.

Don't get me wrong, spending time on my own is good, and I've had a really lazy weekend.  I made a large curry on Friday afternoon, and have lived off that over the weekend, coupled with toast, chocolate and copious amounts of tea.

Anyway...  Kellie is on the road now, heading back to Essex, but I won't see her until tomorrow now.  So, like a sad little panda, I'm moping around till I get to see my gorgeous girl again.

Incidentally, tomorrow is our first anniversary of being an "official" couple :D

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2 Responses to “A Strange Weekend”

Stuart Wilson said...

Happy anniversary for tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary. Make it last. :-)