Help A Man Out!

Being that I am the Most Helpful Person Alive* I am turning to the power of you lot to see if you can help a friend of mine out with some random information.

Michael over in Israel has seen a face in a music video.  Unfortinately, it's an OLD music video, and while the Beatles might well be rather famous, random snippets of triva about them is not my forté.

I'm not sure WHAT my forté is, exactly, but I digress.

In the music video for We Can Work It Out of 1965, there is a face that appears to be drawn on John Lennons music book.  At the 1minute 45second mark, you can see if for a very brief moment, and then it's gone.  However, I managed to catch it with my trusty Print Screen button:


Now, Michael emailed me the following message (which I hope he doesn't mind me quoting!)
We're pondering who is the picture that you can see for a short moment on the keyboard. Is it an actor, a politician or just some joe?
However, being as this is a little before my time, I googled for a long time, trying to find something, but to no avail. So now, I'm turning to you lot. Any ideas who this person might be? For some reason, my mind just told me "Noel Coward" but I have no idea... hehe

Good luck!

*may not be accurate

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