Time For Bunker Construction!

From the very aptly-titled site, Nukeometer. Go have a peek and see how bad things are where you live!

Though, I have no idea how accurate this really is of course. Welcome to the web.

Edit: After using that skill known as "reading" it would seem their source is a newspaper (which, let's face it, doesn't mean a lot these days!) but The Guardian has an interesting graphic of this data which you can view in PDF format Here!

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4 Responses to “Time For Bunker Construction!”

patcii said...

So, it looks like you only have to worry about 192 of them. The rest of them probably don't work anymore anyway.

Anonymous said...

Funny that - I get the same number (7728) for Evesham!!

Just as well we have an old WW2 bomb shelter in our back garden!

Stuart Wilson said...

Bugger, I wasn't meant to post as Anonymouse!

Stuart Wilson said...

ANONYMOUS!! - I'm going to shut up now.