Over the last two-three weeks, I have been a busy little banana.  In my wisdom, I decided that I wanted to chuck out loads of junk, rearrange some rooms around, sort out some rooms and generally have a whale of a time (note: may be sarcastic) cleaning up.

And now, I think I have cracked it and finally gotten somewhere with it all.  Me and Jaysen have swapped out bedrooms back - we changed rooms two, maybe three years back - but I was sick of the box room, and he was sick of the noise at the front of the house.  Me and the kids chucked out bags of old, broken toys, threw out old clothes and moved things about.  I chucked out a few bits from the kitchen, though that's still flagged as a "work in progress" as it's ended up as a dumping ground for all the stuff I currently haven't rehomed.

The lounge, however, had to be left for a while as my long-suffering mother was getting her leather suite and some units  sent over for me...  So till I knew what was happening there, I decided to leave it alone.  Ish.  I still ripped loads of stuff out and cleared up the sides and stuff.

Yesterday, my brother-in-law Peter, his dad and my mum dragged all the stuff over and we hefted it all into the house, while chucking the old sofa out.  The room was stripped and ready to go, and I suspected I had a loooong job ahead of me.

Lucky for me, it only took several hours, and now, I have a living room with a sofa and two armchairs again, plus the TV, Cable and Stereo/speakers are all neat and tidy on their respective units.

My computer is finally reconnected too, though this time it's up in my room for the time being - I'm still not sure what I'm doing with mine or the kids PCs.  Time will tell I imagine.

Of course, I've also been busy at Kellies too - last week, we switched her living room and dining room back around and had a potter around, then cleared out her hall, stairs and landing, which I've been helping decorate since...

Yeah, I'm knackered ;)  My breakfast today consisted of painkillers and.. no, that was it!

To top it all off, Sally has been a very poorly little doggy.  Three weeks ago, she fell over and couldn't get back up.  An emergency appointment at the vets, and she had some blood taken, and some pain killers prescribed.  These, however, did zero to help her, and she was struggling to walk or do anything.  A week later, back at the vets, and was warned it could be something nasty wrong with her brain or spine - cancers and the like.  One blessing, however, was that she wasn't actually in any pain - just that her body wasn't working properly.

So, he took more bloods for more tests, and prescribed antibiotics - just in case.

Again, these meds did nothing, and she was still hardly doing anything, not even moving when people came into the house - not a good sign for the silly mutt.

Five days later, back at the vets.  All the bloods came back with nothing to report, so his last two attempts to figure what is wrong with her involved taking some samples from her lymph glands, and to start her on steroids.  He suspects she either has a strange joint disorder - who's name escapes me - or lymphoma, a cancer.  He started her on the steroids to see if it made a difference, and we go back Monday for more results.

However, the silver lining is showing - she is actually up, about and wandering around almost perfectly!  When I came down this morning, she got up to see me, we had a cuddle, then she wandered to the door so I could let her out for a wee.

Fingers crossed this is the steroids working, which means it's NOT Lymphoma - so, she may be on medication, but at least she's happy ;)

And in between all that, I've been out, about and doing stuff.  Me and Kellie also saw The Taking of Pelham 123 on Wednesday - excellent movie, and John Travolta does play an excellent badguy!

So anyway, me and the kids are off to Canvey today to spend a few days with Kellie - no idea what's going on this weekend, so hopefully, it'll be a quiet one!

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