Time Flies...

So, here we are in September already.  Blimey O'Reilly.  On a Stick.

You may notice that it's been *cough*a while*cough* since my last blog post.  Thanks to the wonders that is The Summer Holidays™ it's been rather busy in Chez 0ddness.  And pretty much every where else that I've been.  As is usual during holiday time, I've been flicking between Basildonia and Deepest Darkest Canvey, dragging kids, bags, the dog and whatever else around with me.

But today is a momentousday.  Today is the day they go back to school!

And it would seem that no sooner did the calendar hit September 1st, Mother Nature decided "Right, Autumn...  We skipped summer, so lets do this shit!"  Wind, Rain, Leaves, the whole shebang.  I even tested my radiators a few days back, just in case - which was a good job, as the two up-up-stairs had depressurised and weren't getting any hot water inside them.  That could have been a wee bit nipply.

On the bright side, yesterday saw a man come out for my boilers annual service, so I pointed it out to him and he sorted it.  And fixed the boiler that was a borderline pass for trying to kill me with Carbon Monoxide, so that was handy really ;)

Anyways, Me, Kellie and the kids have pretty much been non-stop throughout August.  Keeping the kids entertained was the biggest hurdle.  Decorating her hall-stairs-landing was another bucket of fun - and we kinda sorta removed her bannisters too, which seemed like a good idea at the time.  Then there were birthdays - oh my goodness so many birthdays...  A couple of random parties people put on for... er.. well, just random parties really!

Yes, granted, the weather throughout the summer has been pretty crap er shit er naff, but we made the most of it.  I suppose without much in the way of a proper summer, there wasn't anything in the way of proper sunburn, so that's something ;)

Still, with routines returning and kids going back to school - including Tam who starts at her big school this afternoon (pics to follow!) things should return to normal-ish-ness here.  I even have a few posts ready to go!

Oooh I am so organised.  Now to kick the kids awake at an ungodly hour to forcefeed them cornflakes, put on clothes they hate, to go out in the rain!

(NB, and the Webcam will be on in a bit as well, pointing out the window - thanks to the computer being aaaaall the way upstairs now, the angle will seem slightly different!)

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2 Responses to “Time Flies...”

Jodie said...

My apologies honey - bit of a mix up, but Tam doesn't start school till monday morning..
Got myself all worked up for it as well, crying while ironing her uniform as i pictured doing it 4 years before...

Jodie said...

*waves at the big red house of death*