Musical Monday #76 - Judoon & Dalek Songs

As a kid, I used to watch Doctor Who.  I honestly don't remember any of them, only that I was scared to the point of cowering behind the sofa thanks to one Mr Davros.  Or, as I seem him as he is today, and old fart in a mobility scooter.

When the good ol' BBC decided to start making Doctor Who again, I was pretty much "meh" over it.  Didn't appeal at all, and I let it go by without a thought.  A few people used to say "Ooooh IT'S on tonight!" and I would chuckle, call them sad, and that was that.

Then, a few months back, I caught the new season of Torchwood - which is, essentially, the grown up spin-off series.  I'd never seen any of them before, and sat entrapped, watching this program.  Kellie - who is a Doctor Who fan - gave me the "told you so" look that only you women-types can pull off, and I got my hands on the previous two seasons of Torchwood - which I watched and thoroughly, completely enjoyed.

So, the next logical step - and to answer questions I had - was to go back and get hold of the new Doctor Who programs.  Got them I did, and sat engrossed I have been.  Totally loving them and enjoying every minute of them.

Yes, I got that "told you so" look again too.

My phone has the Torchwood theme music for it's ringtone.  And last week, I found something one of the aliens says, and that's my message alert tone.  And my Facebook status too ;)

Now, it'd be pretty obvious to use the Doctor Who - or any of the shows music - for my Musical Monday, so I decided to put up something Jaysen found on YouTube.  Well, two somethings, actually.  The first is somewhat serious, and the second... well, not serious at all.

The Judoon Song:
Clearly the guy that has made this has put time and effort into it, and I love it. Can't even tell you why! Yep, you'll prolly all hate it, but as I said last week, I'm not going to worry what people don't like any more :D Kudos to the guy that put it together.

The Dalek Song:
OK, this is sooo not serious, and the sound quality is atrocious - prolly knocked together quickly by someone farting around, but oooh it doesn't half make me chuckle. Listen along, but read the subtitles while it's playing, as without them, you'll prolly get lost ;)

And don't worry, next week I shall do my best to put up something less geeky. Maybe ;)

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