Yay Spiders!

After my post a few days ago about the rather mah-hoosive spider wandering through my kitchen, and the subsequent replies of "Ew!" or "Shudder!" or similar, I felt sorry for the poor little (and not-so-little) bugs.  They do get a lot of bad reactions over here, especially when you consider they don't actually do anything.

Well, aside from menacing women from the corner of the ceiling, but in the grand scheme of things, that's not really bad.

So, this morning, with sleep in my eyes and a coffee by my arm, I set to reading the news.  And, the first story that jumped at me is one that made me chuckle when I think of all you arachnaphobes out there...

Britain Braced For Huge Spider Invasion
There is bad news for arachnophobes this autumn with conservationists predicting an increase in spiders in our homes and gardens.

The charity Buglife said breeding conditions are perfect this year for British spiders like the daddy longlegs (or cranefly) and house spider.

Nature-lovers may be pleased with the news but it is likely to send spider-haters running.

Autumn is typically the season when arachnids turn up in houses and garages, often causing dramatic reactions in home-owners.

Arachnophobe Gemma Christian, 24, told Sky News Online she is worried already.

"I'm going to have to spend more time at my boyfriend's house where there will be a house full of men to deal with them," she said.

"I'm also considering having hypnotherapy otherwise I won't be able to sleep at night."

Chief executive of Buglife, Matt Shardlow, explained to Sky News Online the cause of the spider invasion: "A warm, long summer with no long periods of cold or wet weather means there are plenty of bugs for them to feed on."

There is also plenty of decaying material around for the critters to feed on after last year's wet autumn.

Mr Shardlow hopes it will slow the recent decline in spider species in the UK.

He said the eight-legged critters play a "critically important role in ecosystems" and added that he is "hopeful there will be a boost for populations of other invertebrates."

It could also be a bumper season for animals that feed on the creepy-crawlies, including birds and small mammals.

But Mr Shardlow is urging home-owners not to kill spiders - but to pick them up and put them outside.

He told Sky: "They are almost all harmless and do good work in your house eating flies and other pests."

"Buglife would like people to tolerate spiders and even grow to love them if they can," he added hopefully.

The charity is also asking householders to poke around in their sheds and in dark corners in their homes to see if they can spot 10 species over this weekend or the first weekend in October.

The idea is part of its annual Spider Hunt where they hope to gain information on the health of the invertebrates and how many of them are around at the moment.
Awww good for them, I say. Even the big chunky ones with boots and tattoos. Me and Jaysen noticed only yesterday how there were loads of spiders out at the moment - hedgerows, in the garden, on the house... So far, though, I don't think I've got any actually living in here - but I couldn't swear to that yet!

Of course, I suspect I'll be in SuperDan mode for a while now, with my glass and bit of card to scoop them up and save them from the perils of Women With Stompy Feet.

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2 Responses to “Yay Spiders!”

Posh Totty said...

How far does super Dan travel? Do you travel as far as Poshville to save screaming women?

Sage said...

I was wondering the same thing.. can you travel in a instant to the back of beyond... we have mahassive spiders.... you can see the individual hairs on the legs... lol

ps - you will get an award on wednesday...