So, So, Shiny...

It's not often that something completely fab comes out of nowhere and lands in my lap. In fact, I think the last time it happened would have been June of last year ;)

However, Tuesday/Wendesday this week, I receive a call from someone - someone who shall remain nameless, just in case.  They tell me someone that is a part of the company they work for bought "a laptop" earlier this year, but, because they have more money than sense, and didn't really like it - they gave it to the company.

Now, more often than not, this would be acceptable and the company would think "Woot, free laptop" however, for reasons I am still not sure about, this company is not allowed to do this.  So, the staff in the IT department take it in turns to take the unwanted items home with them.  The person who's turn it was didn't really need it, but took it anyway as it was their turn.

And then promptly called me up and offered it to me.

Now, we all know that I am partial to gadgets and fancy stuff, and making sure it was really unwanted, I said "ohyespleasegimmiegimme"  And today, it was dropped off.

Now, when I say "Laptop" what I mean is "Beast of a Machine"  Granted, it was filthy - apparently, members of this company (the afore-mentioned, "more money than sense") will buy fancy things, then either get rid of them or just mess them up, replacing it with something bigger and better and even more flash.  However, a bit of grime is not enough to deter this blogger.  No sir.

Under food, crumbs, grime (and I do mean grime) and various items of indeterminate nature, I found an Acer Aspire 8930.  Which, for you non-geek-like-folk, is effectively a desktop computer, with a graphics card, BlueRay/High Def, full size keyboard, five built in speakers and a ruddy-great 18.4inch screen.

Lucky for me, being such a big lad, it still qualifies as a laptop ;)  It really is quite large, quite loud, and definitely very flash.  you can see the specs and pictures of it here. For the truly sad geeks, it even has built in blue LEDs at the side, and the logo on the lid lights up. As does the media control panel on the left.

I kid yea not, this thing has so many knobs, bells and whistles on it, I am waiting for something to happen.  Some sort of karmic catch to say "Well, you've got that, and it's good.  Now to offset it!"

I WAS going to post a really sad geeky post, photos of the box, and the packaging and everything else (Which, I should add, smell rather icky) complete with a step-by-step unpacking... But I just tore into it and got going.  I am hoping it'll run games well - WoW, the various Lego games, Spore and suchlike - but have spent a while uninstalling all the tat that comes preinstalled on it, and personalising it to my own fussy fussy tastes ;)  No doubt I will get a picture of it on here at some point!

So, to my person that gave it and the person that delivered, thank you sooo much :D  Their anonymity is being protected, should people start pestering them for this, that or the other.

And as a post-script to this post, the afore-mentioned rich git has bought - as a replacement for a very powerful laptop - an iPhone.  Another iPhone, as, apparently, he already has one.

Doh! indeed..

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3 Responses to “So, So, Shiny...”

Sage said...

You lucky, lucky lad... xx

GreenCastle said...

Smiles, I have one of them, well when i say me I mean the company lol. But its the same thing really. They are an amazing machine and worry not young Dan, it will indeed run all those games and more!!!

Also I like conecting it up via HDMI port to my rather large plasma screen, makes BluRay films amazing!! And also playing lego starwars on a 52" plasma makes the game so much more fun...

Its a good system especially for free!! Wont tell you how much the company shelled out for our one, but it is jaw dropping.

Have fun play well and speak soon.

Oh dont forget I am off to Ireland next Friday for world championships!!! Go team England!!

Posh Totty said...

Whooo congratulations on your new baby Xx