Missing, Presumed...?

Now, you may be forgiven for thinking that I have been shipwrecked on a desert island - an island with many strange things living upon it no less - but you'd be wrong.

Actually, no, it occurs to me I HAVE in fact been on a strange island, but that's not the point.

I have been absent I I'm not entirely certain as to why myself.  I think it's mostly down to sheer busy-ness, as opposed to business, coupled with a few very rough days with me being a great big fat wimp unable to move properly.

First off, the busy.  Kellie has been a poorly banana of late, so I've been wearing my little nurses uniform (which I am sure is going to make her feel much better) and making sure she's ok.  She's getting rather, shall we say, "hacked off" at being poorly, and I think the novelty of being ill is wearing off.

It's not one thing in particular mind you - she has lots of things going wrong with her poor wee body at the moment, and the culmination of all this is, she's pissed of with feeling ill.  Of course, her doctor doesn't seem to give a aerial fornication, so she's been soldiering on with me looking after her...

Though, perhaps I am more the cause than the remedy, but I digress ;)

On the moi side of things, week before last, I had a busy couple of days, and pushed myself past a point where I would usually stop.  Go Team Dan, you might say, but then for five days after that, I could barely do anything - and I mean anything.  Walking, breathing, moving about, thinking straight, fidgeting...  All was agony and my pain killers really didn't do a whole lot to make me think "Ahhhh"

And for those that don't take codeine-based meds very often, if you are on them a lot, long-term, they back up your system, as it were...  So I believe the correct and most appropriate term would be "I tore myself a new one" 


And all this on top of normal rushing about doing stuff on a day to day basis.

I have blog posts in the works, some due to publish over the next few days, some saved mid-progress, so there will be life on the old blog once more.  Just because 0ddness is quiet, doesn't mean there's not something peculiar going on behind my scenes ;)

If you have a spare minute or two on your hands, send some nice happy healing prayer stuff the way of Miss Kellie please!

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One Response to “Missing, Presumed...?”

Posh Totty said...

Healing vibes heading to Kellie Xxxxx

And I think we need to see photographic evidence of you in the little nurses uniform please ;) hehe!!