I like to think I am a fairly well-educated sort.  Not brain-of-the-year or anything, but I have a pretty decent stash of general crap in my head, some of which is useful (like the previous post - I still know how to work out the circumference of a circle armed with just it's radius), some of which is not so useful (The average human head has 100,000 hairs on it).

While plonking about over on Bits & Pieces killing time, I noticed Jonco posted a quizzy-thing...  Which I have decided to link to as well as I think some of you will get a kick out of it - and get as frustrated as I did!

Can you name the 100 most common words in the English dictionary.  In twelve minutes.  Go see if you can do it!

And, for the record - I got 58 out of 100, including 19 of the top 20.

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Anonymous said...

I got 50 woo hoo. Some of the ones I missed were so obvious when they showed them on the screen lol.